Litter in Nature Research


Litter in Nature

Just parking these images here until I decide what I should do with them

1st Image a plastic cup

2nd Image a bottle top




There is something hypnotic about a line of supermarket trollies

I don’t know what the central focus of my image is

The trollies – the man or the Hand Car Wash sign

Two people


Two People

The isolation of the man sitting in the doorway  is further enhanced by the reflection of a mystery person at the edge of the frame.

The fact that this extra figure is wearing a fluorescent jacket and that his form is blurred in the reflection juxtaposes with the shadowy form in the doorway.

Two mystery people

On a cold winters day


On a Cold Winters Day

Busy Day


Busy Day

Lots of shadows

Main character not in shadow

Red coat highlights the centre of frame

Would be better without pink fur on ladies coat

Constantly Watching


Constantly Watching

Faraway look in her eyes

What has she seen

Love beautiful red hair and bright red uniform




I kept the original lighting as it gave a sense that the composition was on the cusp of outdoor and indoor

I like the heavy shadow on the face and the low-key highlights on parts of the face

I also like the sense that somebody is standing next to her (you can see part of a coat) but her complete absorption in what she is viewing has made her totally oblivious of this person

I also like the large expanse of brick wall above her head as it gives a sense of scale and distance to the object/s she is looking at

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