What lies beneath


What lies beneath

I quite often try to find colour and patterns in road works

Will try this in B&W but the colour seems important somehow

The white lines painted on road add to overall pattern  further creating a sense that earth cracked

Study in Blue and White


Blue and White

Collecting images of rubbish and nature

Trying to get images which show how rubbish becomes connected to nature

Has to be a meaningful image (hard)

Red Cloth


Red Cloth

I love this image

I was lucky to catch just one person down this small road

Lucky that someone had dropped the red cloth

Does it tell a story?

Lady at Hampton Court 3


Further studies of lady on bench

Low light

In brick courtyard

Colours of coat and tones of hat and sweatshirt flow nicely with old brickwork

Portrait of concentration

Oxo Cube


Poster and Wall

Textures of glazed tiles

Textures of  rusted metal

Contrasts of surface and colour

Smooth contemporary poster

Lady at Hampton Court 2


Lady on bench

Photograph taken in brick courtyard

Low natural light

In my opinion this photograph tells story better than B&W

Notice 6 handbags

How do you measure interest


Man and woman looking at art

Use of colour

Are all three objects pieces of 3D design

Looks like grainy newspaper image

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