What did you do in the war?


What did you do in the war?

Juxtaposition of men

One with phone – one with flaming torch

One running a kiddies ride and one being remembered

I’m Perfect


I’m Perfect

Terrible image quality

Man on wall outside of British Library London

Made me smile!

Washing Cars


Washing Cars

The colours work well in this image

Red and blue

Sunlight coming through in the background

The Chef


The Chef

I love the moving lorry in background

The image was too fussy in colour so B&W enables us to focus on the man’s form and face



Gentleman Driving

Not sure if the large expanse of white vehicle adds to image or spoils it

Great face and eyes

Two people


Two People

The isolation of the man sitting in the doorway  is further enhanced by the reflection of a mystery person at the edge of the frame.

The fact that this extra figure is wearing a fluorescent jacket and that his form is blurred in the reflection juxtaposes with the shadowy form in the doorway.

Two mystery people

On a cold winters day


On a Cold Winters Day

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