Manipulated image

Lots of vibrant red tones

White bench good because it adds an accent and sense of place

Or would it have been better to take the bench out and just have total red tones

Cold Day


Cold Day

Like the fact that the central leaf is perfect and a lovely shape

Sun just catching it

Fairly mundane shot but nice

Litter in Nature Research


Litter in Nature

Just parking these images here until I decide what I should do with them

1st Image a plastic cup

2nd Image a bottle top

Insy, Winsy Spider 2


Lady and Tree 2

So is this image better than a close up in B&W?

More of a story.

Is the image too flat and lacking interest?



Trash in Leaves

Manipulated image

Research for Trash in nature project

What if image was turned 180 so writing is readable?

Incy, Wincy Spider

dscn014323678Lady and Tree

I know what she was doing but can you tell?

The original image has great tonal quality because of the lady’s clothing and the grey tree trunks and weather.



Rubbish at Top of Tree

Building on idea of rubbish in nature

Gaudy large piece of litter at top of winter tree

Wind blowing

Irregular pattern

How am I going to work on these images to show nature is being spoilt by litter?

This image actually shows a beautiful abstract pattern!



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