Busy Day


Busy Day

Lots of shadows

Main character not in shadow

Red coat highlights the centre of frame

Would be better without pink fur on ladies coat




I kept the original lighting as it gave a sense that the composition was on the cusp of outdoor and indoor

I like the heavy shadow on the face and the low-key highlights on parts of the face

I also like the sense that somebody is standing next to her (you can see part of a coat) but her complete absorption in what she is viewing has made her totally oblivious of this person

I also like the large expanse of brick wall above her head as it gives a sense of scale and distance to the object/s she is looking at

Mighty Boosh Throwback


Mighty Boosh Moon

Couldn’t resist last night – moon so clear

Boring I know

Got it out of my system now!

Its a jungle



Manipulated image

Chocolate wrapper in grass

Am thinking of project on litter and nature

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