We’ll Just Leave these Here

Why did the person leaving these two car doors here decide to leave them like this? Its as if the rest of the car has been transported into the ether leaving the two doors behind.

So you see what I mean about litter and rubbish?

It takes on a story when left in its geographical context for any length of time. Who? What? Why? And yes, blast it, there is some form of beauty in this scene even if its just the scrub land and car being muted colours.

New beginnings

About Time too …

Life went on for the last 4/5 years. People came and went …


Now I’m back and there WILL BE new photographs appearing.

Don’t forget you can use any image for free – just credit me. My name will live on … how cool …

So first new photos…


Taken by Iphone

Summer is a long way away

2017-02-03-09-52-10682017-02-03-09-52-106Summer is a long way away


Edges sharpened

Would the top image be meaningful standing alone – I like its composition and the folds of material

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